The Demography of Arkansas and the United States 1970-2017 (part 1)

This post uses the Decennial Census and the American Community Survey 1 Year Estimates from 1970 to 2017 to examine changes in population, age, income, and the status of married couples in Arkansas and the United States. Graph 1 Graph 1 shows that between 1970 and 1980 Arkansas’s population increased by 11.2%. The following decade saw a dramatic reduction in the state’s population growth rate, which by 1990 dropped 15%

Hard to count population in Arkansas’ counties

The next census, set to begin on April 1, 2020, will bring a renewed focus on the populations that have historically been hard to count. These include the unemployed, those living below the poverty line, and people with limited English proficiency. People without internet access are also included since the 2020 census will strongly encourage online submission of census forms. Taken as a whole, Arkansas counties have an average poverty

2018 National and State Population Estimates

The Census Bureau released the July 1, 2018 population estimates at the national and state levels today. The Arkansas population surpassed 3,000,000 for the first time in 2017 and continued to grow in the latest estimates. In the last year the Arkansas population grew by 0.4 percent which was not far behind the pace of the United States population, which grew by 0.6 percent. Nevada and Idaho experienced a 2.1