The Demography of Arkansas and the United States 1970-2017 (part 3)

Changes in US Foreign Born Population since 1970.* Graph 1 Graph 1 shows that the percentage of the Latin American-born immigrants (comprised of individuals from Mexico, Cuba, la Hispaniola, Central America, and South America) has been increasing in the United States since the 1970s and in Arkansas since the 1990s. These percentages may be even higher since this population is considered ‘hard to count.’ (link to article). Graph 2 The

How to Apply for Work in the 2020 Census Efforts!

Use the following steps to apply for a temporary job with the Census Bureau for the 2020 Census: Go to Before clicking the “Apply Now” you can review preliminary information on job details, application requirements, and the positions and pay rates in your area. The “Apply Now” button takes you to the Census Career Site. For now click on “First-time Applicants Register Here.” To create your account you will