Arkansas Vitality Index

In 2017, a study entitled The Geography of Prosperity created a Vitality Index for the United States combining median household income, poverty rate, life expectancy, prime-age employment (25-54), housing vacancy rate, and the unemployment rate. According to the study’s findings, growing gaps in economic growth exist between states and between counties within states. Table 1 compares the indicators for Arkansas and the United States. Arkansas’ Vitality Index score is significantly lower

Updates to the Census 2020 Hard to Count Map

Recently the United States Census Bureau pushed out a new update for their Census 2020 Hard to Count Map. The map itself identifies which Census tracts are expected to have response rates lower than 73% based on various demographic and historic data. The new updates allow the map to be overlaid with additional information that will be helpful for the Complete Count Committees. This new information includes: – Type of